ICT Consulting Services

ICT consulting can help the business achieve strategic objectives by providing up to date market knowledge, simplification and better ROI. Our ICT consulting services can help in business problem solving using technology as a tool. Our consultants can help with the roadmap, business case development, technology selection, risk analysis, architecture design, software licensing and ICT infrastructure.


We configure, migrate and deploy Next Generation firewalls. Next Generation firewalls allow us to block more threats using real time deep memory inspection, multi engine sandbox technology and multi core hardware architecture.

We also deploy Virtual firewalls which can help eliminate the breaches related to the
Virtual machines and Cloud Platforms

End point deployment can help to mitigate the risks before, during and after the execution of the threat. We do it by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and by monitoring system behaviour.

Most of the Cloud Platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS provide SLAs and security for the platforms. The security of the customer data stored in the Cloud Platforms is the customer’s responsibility. A good Cloud security architecture is a must.

We consult, design and deploy the secure cloud architecture using NFV (network function virtualization) for Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP Cloud Platforms.

We can design and deploy secure wireless access architecture. Main benefits of this approach are easy management, deployment flexibility, better user experience and lower TCO.

Almost 60% of the threats nowadays are delivered via email like Office365 and G Suite. We consult, design and deploy the products for email security which can help in blocking the email-borne targeted spoofing and phishing attacks.

A good design approach can help to stop unauthorized file sharing, account takeovers, insider threats and data loss prevention (DLP).

According to Gartner a third of all Malware will be delivered by mobile based devices like tablets and smartphones by 2020. Mobile security strategy should have, at the least few components like dedicated end point security for mobile and capability to prevent real time network attacks.

MDM based security approach may not be enough for mobility security. We work with key vendors  to consult, design and deploy Mobility security strategy and architecture. This allows to have the protection against Malware, Phishing, Man-in-the-middle attacks, Cryptojacking and Data leakage via Apps.

We can help with end to end IoT security solutions covering physical, radio and applications components of the IoT solution stack Our methodology includes attack surface identification, threat modelling, protocol endpoints, cloud pentest, Firmware vulnerability analysis, fuzzing protocol for end devices, customer feedback and finally how to mitigate the security risk.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning tools are intelligent but the question to ask is if it is secure. Our domain experts can help with ML security assessment by understanding the application, attack surface identification, threat modelling, adversarial learning attack, Data poisoning and application assessment. We can provide detailed mitigation proposal and work with your experts to implement the solution

We follow ISO27001 and ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) guidelines covering people, process and technology aspects. Because of the changes in rules like Mandatory data breach notification act, GDPR and industry specific rules (example CPS 234, Australian critical infrastructure act) security has become very important at the board level and business level.

We can help businesses with the consulting and awareness of the relevant compliance frameworks. 

Some of the key acts to consider are:

  1. Mandatory Data Breach Notification
  2. Global Data Protection Regulation
  3. UK Data Protection Act 2018
  4. Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018
  5. Australian Energy Market Operator
  6. APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 Information Security

Managed Services

Our managed services offering covers Cloud, Networking, Cybersecurity and Collaboration aspects of the technology.

We can help with planning, provisioning, monitoring and billing of key cloud functions. Our domain experts can help with GCP, Infrastructure as a service, Data Centre, AWS, Azure, Backup and Disaster recovery.

We can help with LAN, WAN, private networks, wireless connectivity, network device management, Internet connectivity and emerging technologies like 5G. We provide single point of contact, service level agreement and proactive monitoring.

We can help with business grade telephony, PBX, Video conferencing SIP, etc.

We offer end to end Cybersecurity services.


SDWAN allows organisations to build and secure a high availability (HA) WAN using cost effective access technologies like Wireless, Internet and NBN based carriage. Using smart Routers and firewalls, we can deploy SDWAN solutions in a cost-effective way compared to MPLS.

Main benefit of using NextGen networking devices like intelligent router and firewalls is that SD WAN can offer high availability and optimized application performance. It uses concepts like automation of application delivery using QoS(quality of service) ,link quality, latency, jitter and packet loss data.

We are vendor neutral. We use a consulting led approach for the SDWAN design and deployment

SASE combines different aspects of networking like SDWAN and Cybersecurity resulting in simplification and better security of WAN. Security is based on Identity, policies, context and compliance. This enables digital adoption and flexibility.

Cloud Services

Cloud technology can be an enabler for your business. However, its not easy to pick the right cloud considering the different technologies and service providers. We work with leading Vendors like GCP, AWS and Azure.

Cloud strategy, readiness assessment and cost analysis.

Delivery plan, build of infrastructure, migration, backup and disaster recovery.


Our domain experts  can help with the complete data science process  starting from data acquisition to decision and automation. We can help with data strategy, data architecture, AI & ML powered product development, data analytics and practical applications like Chat Bots.

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