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We can help with the IT, Electrical and Telecommunication hardware. We supply and install PC, Laptop, Server, Racks, Power UPS, Data Cables, Routers, Switches, WiFi, and lot more.

We work with Vendors like Dell, Lenovo, PowerShield, Cisco, NBN, Fortinet and other leading Manufacturers.

We have access to qualified installers nationally and can roll out the projects nationally.


Modern world is dependent on data where speed and reliability are very important. We can help our customers with the consulting, design and delivery of IP based services. We are vendor agnostic.

Our networking experts can help with:

  • Mapping current network topology
  • Evaluate reliability, security and availability of your network
  • Fit for purpose network design
  • Cost benefit analysis of network
  • Design, deployment and delivery of network services.
  • Remote networking solutions.
  • Data Centres
  • Gateways and interconnect
  • Design and deployment of fixed, wireless and emerging technologies like 5G


We consult, design and deploy Wi-Fi  with security and performance as a key focus. We are vendor neutral and our approach is to recommend the right solution based on the individual customer requirement. We can help with Access points, WiFi Analytics, High  Density Wi-Fi deployment, Wi-Fi networking and integration.


Internet of things consists of three main components:

  • Device where data is generated
  • Communications system which is used to transfer data from device to the platform
  • Platform which makes smart decisions on what to do with data.

Our IoT experts can help with end-to-end IoT solution. We follow consulting led solution design approach.

We work with leading IoT platform providers like AWS and Azure.


We can help with the simple, complex and hybrid cable and data requirements.

Some of the cables we utilize and deploy are coaxial cables,fibre cables, hybrid cables, power cables, waveguides, wireless transmission cables and twisted pair cables. We can provide complete cabling solution starting from the business requirements, consulting and deployment.

For more details and product catalogues please contact our team.


We are NBN accredited ICT services provider. We work with leadings Telcos in Australia to deliver market leading solutions for our customers. 

We can help with Data connectivity, Internet, Mobility, Telephony and other Telco services.

We have a dedicated team to help customers with their Telco requirements.

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